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The folks at La Place have thought of everything! The working environment is so welcoming and has plenty to offer whether you're looking for a private office or open concept co-working. The space is bright and airy while also having a cozy, homey feel to it. I'm looking forward to when my work brings me back to La Place!
Cearagh Vessey
Dieppe, NB
La Place is advertised as a “flexible alternative” and that couldn’t be more accurate. When I first came to La Place, I started as a hotdesking member, then moved to a dedicated desk, and in the last couple weeks, I have moved to a private office. As my business needs shifted, they were committed to helping my business succeed. The team does a fantastic job, and I encourage everyone to see how La Place can improve your working environment, productivity, and help your business grow.
Luc Dupuis
Dieppe, NB
We are a new company setting up in Moncton and needed space to conduct interviews. Sensational! Candidates loved it. Our team was well taken care of. Facility is top notch. Thank you to the La Place team!
Colin Aikman
Dieppe, NB
Booked "La Ville" for a workshop and it was an outstanding experience. The staff was welcoming, they help me set up my computer with their system for the presentation and provided water for my guests. I will be back!
Sylvie Desjardins
Dieppe, NB
Great space, tech, and cost.....should be the first place that you look at if you want to impress clients or meet in a professional space.
Anthony Waddell
Dieppe, NB

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