The office environment can drastically impact the way you work and even your ability to appeal to your future client. We have now all seen and felt the impact of a COVID pushing us into “offices” that are not best-case scenario.
What is important to your work environment?
We may not be able to return to our previous office set-up, but we can reflect on the parts that made our office space so important.
Our teammates
We can all admit that when we switched our teammates out for your housemates, it took time to adjust.
The biggest problem with housemates is that no one is connected to your work. Teammates give you the opportunity to discuss complicated situations, motivate you to accomplish tasks, and possibly even deliver coffee to your desk.
Our collection of sticky notes
Yes, sticky notes. The life saving colourful pieces of paper that often keep us in line on top priority tasks. Whether you sticky notes are part of your productivity system or not, it is almost guaranteed that you have a sticky note or two somewhere on your desk.
Our routines
What was the first thing that you would do when arriving in the office in the morning. Make a trip to the coffee station? Plan your day? Answer a couple emails?
Having a consistent workspace is a tool to help divide between normal busy life, and the focused work time.
When it comes to productivity, nothing can beat collaboration. Office features and tools like breakout spaces or whiteboards can never be replaced by every day team zoom call.
The good news is, that this will not last forever. There are systems that you can put in place to improve the home office, or there are places (such as our facility) where you can take advantage of days passes, and part-time office rentals.