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What is a Coworking Space?

Also known as a shared office, a coworking space gives SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers access to all the facilities and perks of conventional office space, without a traditional lease and all the hidden costs that go with it.

Coworking spaces are traditionally open plan environments; tenants pay for the space they need via a membership fee, giving them access to a mix of private and communal areas. This way of working offers superior flexibility in that it allows a business to grow or downsize as needed, with contracts lasting as little as a month.

Coworking Space Benefits

1. Save Money

Eliminate the hidden costs and risks of owning your own office and simply pay for the space you need. With a coworking office, there is no traditional lease or any of the hidden costs that go with it.

2. Improve Networking

The collaborative nature of coworking spaces is ideal to improve networking opportunities and start new conversations with everyone from potential clients to business partners.

3. Increase Creativity

Design-inspired office space settings, creative community cultures, regular educational events and perks like indoor gyms or game areas all work to foster greater creativity and productivity in a coworking environment.

4. Impress Clients

Hold important meetings and conferences from a fully-kitted out office space at a desirable business address.

5. Increase Flexibility

Contracts are available for as little as one month.

6. Speed to Market

Move in on the day you sign and begin working immediately with plug and play facilities.

7. Scale Your Business

Occupy as little as one desk, with the flexibility to expand as needed. This gives you the opportunity to grow your team at your own pace.

8. Use State-of-the-Art Equipment and Facilities

Coworking spaces are furnished, pre-cabled and full of different amenities, from coffee shops and restaurants to conference rooms, breakaway areas, exercise areas and more.

Would a Coworking Space Suit You?

What started as an attractive solution for freelancers and individuals feeling isolated working from home, has since become a global trend among businesses of all sizes. The types of people accessing coworking space include:

  • Remote workers who want an office away from the home environment.
  • Travellers who need a space to work on a business trip.
  • Freelancers looking to collaborate, network and benefit from a shared space.
  • Small business owners looking to reduce costs and remain flexible.
  • Entrepreneurs who want a space that can grow with them.
  • Workers more used to conventional office space, looking for a space that inspires them.
  • Large organisations who need space for travelling employees.
  • Corporates looking for additional short-term space for project-based teams.