We all know that it has been a tough couple of years, and employers have seen a great shift in many areas. We are in a very different place than we were even five years ago.

The pandemic changed the way we work and it seems like a lot of these new trends are sticking around so it’s time to get used to them and use them to our advantage. We happen to think they are pretty awesome!

These are our top predictions for how the 2023 working year will play out.

Flexible Work Schedule/Environment

It's time to rethink the standard 9-5. It’s a way of the past, and maybe for good reason.

This might not be the right option for every organization, but we are seeing more and more employers move to a flexible work schedule/environment. And it’s working!

A recent study by Forbes speaks of more than two dozen companies that tested a four-day work week reported increased sales, lower burnout and improved absenteeism.

Are your employees working a 40 hour work week because you NEED them too, or because that is what has become expected?

Experts suggest that allowing your employees a more “flexible” work environment allows them more mental capacity to be efficient. In 2023, more employers will work with the idea that output is more important than input.

Mixing Generations

According to the Pew Research Center, Gen Z consists of people born between 1997 and 2012. The oldest of this generation are reaching 25 years of age, with many now out of college and entering the workforce. This generation has been raised on the internet and social media and is the youngest, most ethnically-diverse, and largest generation in Canada.

This population is not shy about sharing their opinions, they are looking to be challenged in their work environment and want flexibility and respect most importantly. They embrace technology and are very tech-savvy. They developed an early facility with powerful digital tools that allowed them to be self-reliant as well as collaborative.

Have all generations team up so that skill sets can be shared. Make ongoing education and training a top priority so your workforce is able to be challenged while learning and developing new skills.

Higher Rate of Job Hopping

People don’t stick with one job for 25 years anymore. Those days are gone.

The underlying loyalty to a company that we might have experienced with the Boomer generation is not as important as happiness or job satisfaction to the newer generations. They need something new, and they need to be challenged. Experts predict that the average employee entering the workforce today will have over 15 jobs during their career.

So how do you prevent this? Offer great benefits, competitive wages & continuous training opportunities. Your employees have to feel like they are continuing to grow and expand their knowledge so the job doesn't get stagnant. Another great idea is to promote from within.

Employees these days are not necessarily trying to make a name for themselves, but rather, make a life for themselves. The job is a means to an end.

Mental Well-Being Gains Importance

The demand for mental healthcare will rise in 2023. With burnout being one of the top reasons employees leave their jobs, employers are putting a priority on mental health.

Ensuring that your employees have the resources at their disposal, and most importantly, the confidence that if they need help, they will be heard, are simple ways to ensure your workforce is happy & healthy.

Offering a “wellness” room, budgeting for exercise, or allowing flexible work hours and environment as mentioned above are all things today's workforce are looking for.

Hybrid work

Not that hybrid work is new, but it is way more prominent. This is where co-working spaces come into play.

With remote work comes hiring outside our immediate service area. This is primarily why the traditional office space has fallen out of favour.

In McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey a massive 87% of employees offered at least some flexible work options take advantage of the opportunity and spend an average of three days a week working remotely.

If Covid taught us anything, it is that people can work on their own schedule and in their own environment and the work will still get done. Now that employees have gotten a taste, they are enjoying having a hybrid work lifestyle and they aren't willing to let it go.

Trends are ever-changing, but the best way to stay on top of them is to stay in front of them!

If you are looking to see how co-working can contribute to the success of your business in 2023, contact La Place to schedule a free trial day and find out more about the membership option that works best for you!