Who is the ideal coworking space user?

So often we get the question, “Is co-working for me?” And the answer for just about everyone is YES!…but with a few caveats, as there are industries, business models, and personalities that lend themselves to our services more than others.


Due to the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of coworking spaces, they have become synonymous with the startup and freelancing worlds. Now, when you think “startup”, you may picture some over the top office building where everyone rides around on unicycles and sits in giant bean bag chairs, but most startups aren’t into blowing their cash like that and have to be very budget- conscious.

WHAT THEY LOVE: The energy, the vibe, the flexibility, and the cost!


So much of the creative field is spent alone, and our creatives LOVE that they can meet others, get inspired, and most importantly build their networks without extra time spent away from their passion. Creatives thrive in co-working spaces where a simple conversation can spark a million ideas (not to mention be a solid defence against the dreaded writer’s/designer’s block.

WHAT THEY LOVE: The community, the networking, and the inspiration they get from the space!


Let’s face it sales gurus, hustlers, and business go-getters are often extroverts - and so often they’re stuck their homes or uncomfortable coffee shops trying to squeeze every drop of energy out of their day. Extroverts thrive on the energy in a room - even if there’s no one interacting with them at that moment. Just being around people is enough to keep their energy high and their productivity flowing all day. And with the flexibility of booking meetings rooms for sales & client meetings, you can say goodbye to coffee shops!

WHAT THEY LOVE: The network, the constant change, the rooms available, and the people!


When you think “get in the zone” and you’re an introvert, surrounding yourself with a bunch of people isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, even introverts find a whole new level of productivity in our space. Need to pound out some solitary work? Slap on the headphones, and you’ll forget anyone is around (noise in our co-working spaces is kept to a minimum). Need to bounce an idea off someone? No need to pack everything up - your tribe is right there, with minimal effort needed…plus, you won’t have to go looking for networking opportunities since they’ll be right there, right in your comfort zone. Win-win!

WHAT THEY LOVE: Effortless (and unawkward) networking, quiet spaces, new levels of productivity!