“No one would have asked us to do this, if it wasn’t important” – The temporary transition to a home office

Our team has had to adjust. AGAIN. And by team, I mean our community. And when I say adjust, I mean they have gone from home office, to shared office, and NOW, have reverted back to the good ole’ trusty home office.

We are choosing to self-isolate.

Self-isolation is about protecting others.

Self-isolation is about slowing down the spread of Covid-19.

And we know that our efforts are an effective way of preventing the coronavirus from spreading.

Self-isolation may seem tricky at first, but similar to our current members, it is (or used to be) the norm for many people.

The first question you may want to consider is, why am I finding self-isolation so hard?

We understand that for some people, self-isolation can be boring or lonely. You may find your mood and feelings being affected, and you could be questioning whether you were really an introvert in the first place with all this silence. BUT no one would have asked us to do this, if it wasn’t IMPORTANT.

So, to help anyone that we possibly can in this temporary adjustment, we have put together some tips:

  • Take you necessary breaks, and schedule your lunch, away from the sanctioned home office.
  • I recommend, eating your lunch as quick as your can, and then stepping outside for the remainder of your lunch.
  • Eat chocolate, and drink tea.
    • Okay, your treat may not be chocolate, and your hot beverage may not be tea. BUT, tea works well in killing virus’s extracellularly and suppressing its intracellular proliferation (complicated science words, can someone simplify?).
  • Social distancing, or physical distancing?
    • More than ever we have ways to be socially connected. Use those to our advantage.
    • Video call someone who is also feeling isolated. (Calling my grandfather was the highlight of my day, and it only took 10 minutes).

This is a difficult change for us all, and I hope that you all find ways to adjust in a timely manner.

Managing day to day, I think the most important point to reflect on is that no one would have asked us to do this, if it wasn’t important.

Stay strong my beautiful community ♥