One of the (many) struggles that businesses are facing is that their teams have been pushed to work differently. To find a company that has not been affected by this would be nearly impossible.

We’ve all had to quickly adjust to the new normal, with all teams working towards the same objective: TO KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

For our team, it took us about a week to finally get reconnected.

The beautiful thing with our team is that in our normal work lives, our team is incredibly dynamic. When all this happened, it was like we were shocked into a scramble to get back to our prize level of connection.


  • Figuring out technology.

Yes, it was hard.

We started with Zoom, and then once we were comfortable with it, a millennial (me) came along and suggested that we used Microsoft Teams.

A week, and some “how to” tutorials later, and we were ready to go.


  • Find a software that contributes to productive virtual meetings. With teams we are able to upload files, integrate planner to help manage tasks, and keep up to date on larger projects more easily.
  • If you’re team Microsoft, I totally recommend teams.
  • If you’re team Google... Google hangouts? I’m a hardcore Microsoft advocate, sorry.
  • Keeping connected

Thiss was the big one for us. We went from working together every day, to trying to build home offices.

The solution? A 30-minute team call every day starting at 9.


  • Ask teammates what they’re working on that day. Accountability is the most beneficial part of this new habit.
  • Support them: ask questions such as “is there anything you need help with?”
  • Follow-up with their progress. This will help in motivating your team to keep moving forward.
  • Forward thinking

It is easy to get stuck in the now, and even more difficult to see life beyond Covid-19.


  • Keep your team educated. Know the numbers, be realistic, and move forward.
  • Take action on those projects that will help further down the road! This will not last forever. You will thank yourself then, for the work you did today.