Our coworking space is a year and a month old. 

We have experienced the “new business” craziness, learned as we continued with the day to day, and are now diving into the “new world” adjustments. 

How have our views changed on the purpose of our space? 

Well, how can we say not at all, but completely at the same time. 

The term “flexible office space” is more important than ever before, but flexible in a difference sense. 

This pandemic has brought in an entirely different group from before. We still of course have our “day ones”, but our target market has grown in unexpected directions. 

With many buildings still closed, and a lot of coffee shops no longer an easy option for a social meeting space, we have seen many changes: 

*Professionals such as lawyers and accountants in need of confidential small meeting rooms
*Private offices for sensitive client meetings
*Companies needing to grow and hosting interviews within our space
*Examination rooms for students who continue their education 
*Video conferencing with remote employees
*Video conferencing with remote clients
*Board meetings 
*Team break-out space 

Beyond that, we have seen a spike in daily private office rentals.

This is a service that we have always offered but had never had high demand.

For those who do not have access to their usual space, or currently work from home full time, this solves the issue of complete isolation, and gives you the ability to spend completely within your budgetary needs. 

We are continuously adjusting to say the least. 

For people who believed that they knew as much as they could about the coworking industry post-covid, we continue to see new shifts in the industry daily.