Work Space

  • Executive Office

    Executive Office

  • Window Office

    Window Office

  • Double Occupancy Office

    Double Occupancy Office

Private Office

Your office is ready. Impress your clients with our modern workspace complete with stylish ergonomic office furniture. Select from various layout options with no upfront cost. The optimal place to work.

$750 - $1000 / month

  • Desk, Chair & Filing Cabinet in Locked Office
  • 6 Meeting Room Hours

  • Dedicated Desk

    Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk

Ideal for budding entrepreneurs and remote workers, these dedicated desks provide you with the consistency needed to be productive, while still enjoying the inspiration of a collaborative work environment.

$350 / month

  • Dedicated Desk & Chair in open room
  • 5 meeting Room Hours

  • Hot Desk

    Hot Desk

Hot Desk

A creative environment, a quantum leap above your local coffee shop, our innovative, energizing co-working space serves as a hub of growth for solo workers

$ 250 /month

  • Seating in Hot Desk Area
  • 3 meeting Room Hours
  • Storage Cubbie

  • Autres adhesions

    Autres adhesions

Other Memberships

Day Pass $25.00

Additional Storage $100.00

Additional Person per Office $100.00

10 Day Pass $225.00